When to Say That a Chess Game Is Completed?

Known as one of the board games that assess the players' logical and analytical skills, chess is a famous sport that is played by many people for recreational purposes or with the absence of competition. Based on evidences uncovered by archaeologists, anthropologists and historians that conduct studies about the game, chess is associated in the early times with noble people only. However, after several decades, chess also got the attention of people in the middle and low classes which led to the game's explosion and evolution.

The explosion of chess in the 1800s in European nations is believed to influence the organization of chess clubs and chess tournaments. Hence, the continuous evolution and popularization of the game affected the decision of the World Chess Federation to develop rules that must be enacted in chess tournaments. Since the rules are strictly implemented in official chess games, players are encouraged to learn them before they join the tournaments.

The official chess rules implemented by the chess organization cover several subjects including the situations that call for the completion of an official game. The most prominent situation that signifies that an official chess game has ended is that one of the opposing players has successfully placed a checkmate.

Aside from the occurrence of a checkmate, another situation that will end an official chess game is when a player decides to resign, allowing the opponent to win. In addition, an official chess game is also ended if both players announce a draw. There are other circumstances that should be considered before a game is announced as a drawn game. These situations include the occurrence of a stalemate, three fold repetitions and the fifty moves.

To indicate that an official game of chess has ended players should sign at the score sheet that is commonly prepared by the arbiter of the game. If a player resigns, the arbiter should declare in the score sheet that one of the players decided to resign in the middle of the game.

Given that there are several situations that call for an official game of chess to end, players should have knowledge about them to be more aware of their position in the game. Players are also encouraged to discover and study the other subjects included in the rules enacted in chess tournaments to know the happenings that they must expect and avoid the events that will decrease their chance of winning whenever they participate in the official games of chess.