A Review of Eric Schiller's Book "Official Rules of Chess' - The book "Official Rules of Chess: Professional, Scholastic and Internet Chess Rules," is advised to novices to know the rules in chess tournaments.

Chess Rules Concerning Sudden Death Games - Players will have an edge in chess games if they know the official rules that apply in case a sudden death finish happens in a game.

Identifying Positions That Are Considered Illegal in Chess Games - Establishing illegal positions in official games of chess and tournaments are risky and it may affect the performance of a player in the entire game.

Know the Official Chess Rules With the Use of Training Videos - New players are encouraged to look at training videos that demonstrate the official chess rules to be more aware of proper conduct in tournaments.

Players' Conduct in Chess Tournaments - Learning the appropriate conduct of players when participating in official chess games is important to prevent having conflict with other players.

Proper Scoring in Official Chess Games - New and advanced players can assess their chances in chess tournaments if they know the official rules regarding the scoring of games in such events.

The Act of Advancing the Chess Pieces - The official rules governing the moves of chess pieces should be explored and learned by players to improve their chance of winning in tournaments.

The Appropriate Notation of Chess Moves - The official rules concerning the proper notation of chess games play significant role to monitor the moves and positions made in a particular game.

The Legal Moves of Chess Pieces - To have fair chance of winning in tournaments players must know the official chess rules about the legal moves of every chess piece.

The Objectives for Playing Chess - Players should know the objectives for playing chess which is included in the official rules of the game to be more focused and competent in the game.

The Official Rules Concerning the Announcement of a Drawn Game in Chess - Players should know the official rules concerning the announcement of a drawn game in chess to be aware of the chances that are available to them.

The Responsibilities of Arbiters in Chess Games - Players participating in official chess games must know the roles of arbiters to ensure that they will not make bias decisions in the games.

The Roles of Chess Tournament Directors - Players must know the responsibilities of chess tournament directors since they can make decisions that may improve or threaten their careers.

The Rules Governing the Use of Chess Clocks in Tournaments - Knowing the official rules that surround or govern the appropriate use of chess clocks in tournaments is important to maintain order in the events.

The Starting Position of Chess Pieces - Players should have knowledge about the starting positions of chess pieces in the game to employ efficient strategies that will help them win.

When to Say That a Chess Game Is Completed? - To succeed in chess tournaments, players must know the rules and situations that determine that an official chess game has ended or completed.

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