The Starting Position of Chess Pieces

Known as a board game that enhances the cognition and memory of players, chess is also considered as a popular sport that improves the ability of people to analyze several tactics and strategies. To excel in this game, players need to allot time learning some of the techniques used by military forces to ensure winnings in warfare. Establishing reliable defense and strong offense system is only one of the military tactics that can help players gain advantage in the game.

Aside from having knowledge about the chess strategies, players should have a background on the official chess rules before they can join in games that are commonly participated by professional and advanced players. The rules followed in official chess tournaments should be clearly understood by players to avoid confusion and misunderstandings during the games.

Exploring the different topics covered in official chess rules is necessary to ensure that players are on the right track. Learning the starting position of chess pieces is one of the basic knowledge that players must know before they can join in official chess games. Without a background on the initial position of the pieces, players may have a hard time following other rules that apply in official games.

The chessboard has 32 dark-colored squares and 32 light-colored squares that are alternately placed with each other. At the start of the game, each player will be given 16 pieces that have different shapes, one having white pieces and the other having dark pieces.

Each player will receive eight pawns, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, a queen and a king. The rooks, bishops, knights, queen and the king will all occupy the outermost row of the player's side of the board. Each rook should be placed at the outer end of the row. Players must place the knights beside the rooks and the bishops must be placed beside the knights. Players should remember that the queen must be placed in the square beside the bishop that bears the same color of the piece. The king should be positioned in the remaining square at the outermost row. Each piece will have a pawn in front of them to protect the other pieces.

The starting position of chess pieces in the game is important to successfully initiate attacks and establish defense. Aside from learning the initial position of the pieces, players are also encouraged to know the moves that they can make. Above all, the successful employment of chess strategies is based on their moves so it will be advantageous if players have knowledge about them.