The Appropriate Notation of Chess Moves

Known as a board game that focuses on the analytical and logical abilities of players, chess has gained popularity in various regions of the world since its explosion in Europe in the 1800s. The development and introduction of chess tournaments and other official games of chess in early times was able to discover skilled and talented individuals who are knowledgeable about this challenging game. Even up to present times, many professional players aspire to improve their cognitive abilities by participating in the exciting tournaments.

The improving number of chess players participating in official chess games and tournaments caused the World Chess Federation's development of official chess rules. Every chess player who has plans of joining or playing official chess games is encouraged to study and learn the official chess rules to have a background on how to act properly in such events. Without prior knowledge on the rules followed in chess tournaments, players may experience problems with regards to dealing with other chess professionals.

Having a background on the proper notation of official chess games, players will have opportunities to assess and review the moves that they made in a particular game. However, it is a must that players follow the official rules that govern the notation of chess games in tournaments to avoid irregularities in the score sheets that are submitted to tournament directors.

Players in chess tournaments need to record all the moves that they and their opponents make in a score sheet provided by tournament directors. Players have the option to place a particular move before they record it in the score sheet as long as they note the moves legibly. Given that a player is incapable of recording the moves in the game, the arbiter will deduct a certain time to the clock of that player to avoid the occurrence of unfair chance in the game.

In some instances wherein players cannot find available score sheets to record the moves, they are required to re-demonstrate the actual positions in the game with the use of another chessboard. The presence of an arbiter and an assistant is important in such situation to make the game official.

In case a draw happens in the game, both players are required to record it. Above all, players are reminded that the score sheets exclusively belong to the chess club that organized or hosted the tournament.

Being able to follow the official rules concerning the notation of chess games is important to professionals who want to have a look at the games that they play. Hence, to prevent the occurrence of complaints, the rules regarding the proper notation of official chess games are strictly enacted in tournaments.