The Act of Advancing the Chess Pieces

Considered as a board game that enhances the cognitive and perceptual ability of players, chess is one of the sports that captured the interest, attention and hearts of adult and young players from the various regions of the world. The popularization of chess in different countries led to the decision of the World Chess Federation to develop rules that should be strictly followed by players when they participate in tournaments.

Before joining chess tournaments, players are reminded to have a background on the rules that are implemented by tournament directors in the events. The official chess rules cover a lot of subjects which range from the objectives of the game to the responsibilities of the officials in the tournaments like arbiters. The advancement of chess pieces in the game is also a significant topic that players should pay attention to if they will explore the rules that apply in the official games of chess.

Having deep knowledge about the legal or appropriate ways of advancing chess pieces are essential to avoid the occurrence of unnecessary situations in tournaments. Based on the rules followed in special and formal games of chess, players are only allowed to move a chess piece with the use of one hand. If a player does not have any intention of advancing a particular piece but the player wishes to adjust the position of the piece in the square, the player should say "I adjust," to inform the other player.

The touch move rule is strictly implemented or enacted by tournament directors in official games of chess. If players are knowledgeable about this rule, they will not be ignorant and they will easily understand that they should advance the first piece that they touch when it is their turn to make a move.

Carelessly touching the king and the rook at the same time without intending to castle is considered as an illegal move in an official chess game. When this situation happens and castling using the two chess pieces is legal, then the player has no other choice but to make that move. However, if the move is illegal the player must advance the king if there are legal moves available for that piece. In instances wherein that piece has no legal moves to make, the player is allowed to use other pieces to advance.

Learning the basic rules governing the act of advancing or moving pieces in official chess games are important for players to increase their chances of winning in tournaments. Furthermore, they are encouraged and advised by professionals to learn the other subjects covered in official chess rules developed by the World Chess Federation to be more competent and qualified in playing in chess tournaments.