A Review of Eric Schiller's Book "Official Rules of Chess'

Known as a board game that is believed to be present since the 6th century, chess continues to attract and gain the attention of adult as well as young players. If we will have a closer look at the history of the game, the game never stopped evolving. Up to present times, the popularity of chess is widely manifested through the advancements in the game like the creation of computer and Internet chess as well as the organization of chess tournaments.

Because of the popularity of chess, many players are inspired and encouraged to try if they will succeed and prosper in this field. Having knowledge about the lives of chess grandmasters who are able to build a career in the game has influenced many contemporary players. chess players of the present time learned that success in this challenging sport could be easily attained if they will allot time in discovering the different aspects of chess.

Many amateur chess players resort to reading books that are specifically written for those who are planning to make chess as their primary source of income. Chess books are highly recommended to novices since most of these readings contain the basic knowledge that players must know about the game. However, they must first assess whether the book that they will purchase are important to help them excel in chess games and be outstanding chess players.

Written by Eric Schiller, the book entitled "official rules of Chess: Professional, Scholastic and Internet Chess Rules," is highly recommended to players who want to take part in tournaments. The book is well written and the author used plain English in discussing the topics to allow a great number of players to understand and appreciate its content.

Basically, the book contains the rules that players must follow whenever they had the chance to participate in professional, scholastic and Internet chess games. Players who will read this book will not be dismayed and disappointed because the author covers everything that they need to know about the official rules in chess. The rules that are strictly followed in chess tournaments are elaborated in this reading so players will have a background when they had the chance to play in the events.

Professionals recommend this book to new players since it is a good reference and it will surely instruct them about the way players behave in tournaments. To those who are interested in reading it, they are advised to access the Internet since many Web sites offer this book at discounted or lower price.