Proper Scoring in Official Chess Games

Known as a board game that originated in India in the 6th century, chess is believed to be patterned after another board game that is popular to early people as chaturanga. Several years passed and the game has been adapted and introduced to intelligent and noble people in other civilizations like those that are located in the Middle East and East Asia. As soon as chess reached the European nations before the 12th century, chess players in other nations began to alter some of the original rules that are applied in the game.

Learning that European nations made many modifications in this exciting game, chess analysts found evidences that proved that the interest shown by European people in the game led to the advancements and evolutions in the rules that are now used in chess. At present time, official rules in chess are implemented by chess clubs in tournaments to maintain order and harmony in the events.

Being knowledgeable about the official chess rules, players are obliged to learn and follow the rules whenever they participate or join in tournaments. The rules related to the proper scoring of official games are also important or essential to know since they will guide and help amateur players to at least have an idea about their chances of winning in the tournament. Without previous knowledge in this specific subject may also affect the performance of players in official games.

Based on the official chess rules that are conceptualized by the members and leaders of the World Chess Federation, players' scores will be based on the outcome of the games that they play. Chess players who successfully defeat their opponents will be given one point. On the other hand, if a game is officially announced by the arbiter as a drawn game, players in that game will each receive half point. However, chess players who are defeated or beaten by their opponents will not receive any point.

Having a background on the scoring system implemented by tournament directors in official chess games will give players an advantage since they will be more focused on attaining their goal which is to get the title in a particular tournament. The scores of players in an official game are clearly recorded in score sheets so they have nothing to be bothered of. Lastly, players who are knowledgeable about the scoring system can easily assess whether they still have the chance to win in such events.