The Official Rules Concerning the Announcement of a Drawn Game in Chess

Considered as a board game that hones the skills of people to assess the applicability of military offense and defense strategies in a particular situation, chess never fails to attract the attention of people who have outstanding cognitive and perceptual abilities. Since the creation of this enticing game, players continue looking for ways to enhance their mental skills in order for them to excel in official chess games. On the other hand, chess clubs never stop organizing tournaments that will serve as vehicles to develop the potentials of amateur and professional chess players.

Having knowledge about the improving population of players participating in chess tournaments, the World Chess Federation created official rules that should be followed in the events. The introduction and implementation of the official chess rules is meant to maintain order in chess tournaments. In this case, players are highly encouraged to have a background on the rules before they participate in official chess games so that they will not have difficulties interacting with the tournament officials and other chess players.

The instances that call for the decision of tournament directors to honor and recognize a drawn game should be known to every chess player. The most common situation that leads to a drawn game is when one of the players proposes a draw which can be made and accepted by the other player orally. It is essential that the proposal be made before the player stops the clock to avoid complaints from the opposing player. If the offer is accepted, the players should clearly state in the score sheet that it is a drawn game.

An official game can also be considered as drawn if a stalemate, the 50 move rule or the three fold repetition happened. Knowing these special situations can help player be more informed whether a draw proposal is possible in a particular game.

Learning the official rules that call for an official game to be announced as a drawn game will also give advantages to players over other professionals. Being knowledgeable about the rules is also important to assess the trends in the positions and moves made in a game. The official rules governing the recognition of a drawn game are necessary to keep players be educated about their chances in the game. Above all, having a background on the rules will give better chance to those who are at the losing end of a particular game.