Chess Rules Concerning Sudden Death Games

Being one of the board games that got the attention of players with excellent analytical skills, chess is known to be a sport that became popular not just in Western nations but also in the other regions of the world. As time passed by, the explosion of this enticing game is felt by players through the introduction of international chess tournaments which are commonly followed and supported by professionals and grandmasters. Hence, the luring effect of the tournaments is evident in the increasing proportion of players who are eager and determined to establish good names in the field.

Knowing that many players have shown interest in chess tournaments, the World Chess Federation, an international chess club, developed rules that must be enacted in official chess games. It is important that players have background on the official chess rules to know how to deal with other professionals in the best way possible. The characteristics of sudden death games in tournaments is only one of the topics or subjects that are covered in the official chess rules.

In a situation wherein a player has strong and powerful moves but the player does not have sufficient time to execute the moves, then that particular game is believed to reach a sudden death finish. If this scenario occurs, the player with the advantageous position has the chance to propose a draw given that the time left in the clock is not above two minutes. In this case, the arbiter has the power to grant or deny the proposal of the player proposing a sudden death finish.

The rules concerning the sudden death finish also covers the identification of a drawn game. According to the official chess rules, if both players ran out of time in the game and the arbiter had a hard time determining whose time expired first, the arbiter has the privilege to declare the game as drawn.

Learning the official rules that cover or govern sudden death games will surely help new and intermediate chess players know the privileges that they have in case they have the edge in an official game of chess. In sudden death finish, players must know how to maximize every opportunity that they have in this situation. Above all, proposing a draw is a good chance that players must grab since it is possible that when they completely ran out of time, the arbiter decides that their opponents win the game.